Can You Really Become Smarter?

In today’s modern world, we are so often caught up in a whirlwind of activity that now dominates our daily lives. Whether it is checking our phones every two minutes to checkĀ  emails or to look up the score of a recent baseball game. Our brains are now processing information more rapidly and in larger quantities than ever before. Although this new fast-paced society has its benefits, e.g. Google can tell us almost anything we want to know at anytime, our brains never benefited from the chance to adapt to the new demands we place on it today.

The Problem

Unfortunately, these new demands can really harm the health of our bodies and brains. Increasingly, people in today’s society are more stressed and more pressed for time than ever before. It is delusional and unhealthy to think that our brains do not suffer from all of the added pressure and strain that has been placed unexpectedly on our brains.

The Solutionsbecome smarter


Fortunately, there are practices and strategies that we can employ that will help ease the burden of fast-paced information processing and rapid decision-making that our brains are tasked with daily. One practice that can help us maintain a healthy brain is the practice of meditation. Studies now show that the brain is capable of neuroplasticity; that is, the brain is pliable and adaptable. In other words, it can change. The practice of meditation allows individuals to “rewire” the neural networks in the brain.

Why is this a good thing? All of the bad habits we have, all of the fixed views that cause us suffering, and all of the negative thoughts that can induce pain, can be reversed with the practice of meditation. Through meditation, an individual can begin to incorporate more understanding, equanimity, and openness into their lives and through sustained effort the old neural networks can be replaced by new ones that allow people to respond more skillfully to stressful situations.

The less stress and strain the brain experiences, the easier it is for the brain to make logical connections and solve complex problems. Meditation is a very easy practice that significantly improves the overall health of the brain and it gives the brain a sense of relief from the incredible demands placed upon it.


One of the more exciting and cutting edge developments is brain pills. We’ve all seen Limitless I’m sure, where a brain pill makes you in a temporary genius. Wouldn’t it be nice if this actually existed. Unfortunately it doesn’t. But there are a growing number of studies that show that certain ingredients in so called brain supplements can actually boost concentration and memory. If you’d interested in finding out more about nootropics (another word for brain boosters) then this ciltep nootropic review is a must-read.

Food And Exercise

In addition to meditation and supplements, eating specific foods (and not eating others) and exercising regularly can strongly influence the health of our brains. The consumption of large amounts of processed foods leads to lack of clarity, mental fogginess, and general fatigue. This in turn, slows our brain’s processing ability way down. In order to maintain a brain that can handle large quantities of information, it is important to eat mostly vegetables, raw foods, and fruits. Foods that do not have a long ingredient list and foods that have low sugar (or none at all) are good options. The healthier we eat, the healthier are brain is.

These are just a few practical tips any individual can incorporate into their live in order to maintain a healthy brain. Maintaining a healthy brain is well worth the sacrifice of putting down your phone for a few moments, choosing to eat a kale salad for dinner instead of a huge burger and fries, and getting outside for just ten or fifteen minutes a day. Try it out and see for yourself.

Let us know in the comments what you do to boost your own brain power.




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