Is your work life in order?

work life balanceHealthcare starts at home. So it’s important to ensure your employees are working in the ‘right’ way.

What do we mean by this? In an organized fashion. Everyone knows the saying ‘a tidy desk is a tidy mind’. Well, are your employees organized enough to ensure they are not missing deadlines, are proactively helping your clients/customers and most of all, not stressed.

Stress in the workplace is common, more common than most people would like to believe. So in order to make sure you get the most from your team and yourself, consider using the following tips.

Work out where you need support

This is crucial. It shouldn’t be seen to be a failing if you ask for help. We believe it’s a sign of strength.

We recommend you analyze your time spent throughout the day and for a ‘normal’ week. Where do you spend your time. In meetings? At your desk answering emails? With the team?

Whatever it may be, some of it may be unnecessary and some may be able to be delegated. Consider your options.

The dreaded inbox

Some people can stress at the sight of an email list of more than the size of your computer screen. Some people won’t find this is feasible to remove.

So again, choose tips and tricks that help. If you have support staff, utilise a separate inbox or tagging system whereby you let your teams respond and deal with queries. (Obviously being cautious to make it relevant and possible) Consider setting up folders for ‘urgent’ tasks, ‘important’ tasks, ‘general reading’ etc., It will help put the emails into manageable chunks.

Get support from others

Make sure your diary is completely up to date. Ensure it links to your smartphones where possible. If you have a support team, make sure they help by providing information ahead of meetings for you, like prospective client information etc.,

Create a ‘to do’ list

This should be a minimum of weekly, but sometimes daily as well. Don’t let it stress you out further though. Set yourself realistic targets. What can you feasibly get done in a day? Can you delegate some of the work to someone else to ensure you leverage your time?

Find a way that works for you

Everyone likes different methods. Don’t assume because Mr Bloggs uses one system that it will automatically work for you. Consider your own style and listen to what is helping your body.




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