The hair growth business is booming!

Hair is vital. We all want lots of it. Bald has never been cool (well, very few people can pull it off – many unfortunately think they can). That’s why hair growth medication, procedures and treatments have been growing every single year.

But what is the best hair growth treatment? And what are your options? Well, there are plenty of different methods, pills and shampoos available for you to try. Some work very well, while others are completely unproven. So it’s important to be very careful before you start popping pills or putting stinky creams on your head!

Natural Remedies For Hair Growth

castor oil for hair growthMy favorite treatment by far is natural homemade treatments for hair loss. For the simple reason that they work, they are inexpensive and they have minimal or no side effects at all. Especially compared to potentially dangerous over the counter products or surgeries.

One of the top remedies is castor oil for hair growth, which works amazingly well to help your hair grow quickly. Castor oil contains anti-microbial properties which makes it very well suited to get rid of any bacteria that cause hair loss in the first place. What’s more, for all kinds of boring science reasons we won’t get into here, it also promotes hair growth naturally. For these reasons, it is my favorite treatment and comes highly recommended by people who have actually experimented with this alternative cure to going bald.

Specialty Shampoos

There’s plenty of shampoos you can try. Some work, some won’t and other you won’t be sure. It’s a dangerous market out there, so make sure you pick a natural shampoo to minimize side effects. For a list of the best natural ingredients that a hair growth shampoo should contain visit

Hair Surgery

This is my least favorite, but I guess if you are desperate it is the quickest method to have a full head of hair without trying a bunch of natural treatments. The most popular being hair laser surgery. Unfortunately, it is expensive so some people won’t be able to even consider this one. Personally, I think it’s noticeable if someone has had some work done on their hair. It looks fake. So if you do go for this option, make sure you find a reputable doctor to do this for you.

I hope this article helps everyone who is losing hair or is in the hair growth business. Whatever the reason for reading this post, make sure you leave a comment to share your own opinions with all of our readers.




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